We help companies and the
人 within them realize their true potential.

We help companies and the 人 within them realize their true potential.

Our Acquisitions
Building long-term value and 有爱心的 cultures is in our DNA.Kyle Chapman, President
更多的 采用 than acquisition.

Since 1987, Barry-Wehmiller has invited more than 120 companies to join our family, helping us to grow from a $20 million business into a diverse $3+ billion global leader in industrial manufacturing and more. But in every one of the businesses we acquire - or adopt, as we like to think - we look beyond the financial statements and see 人 with families and futures and, 经常, untapped potential.  

Although the traditional investor mindset remains “buy, build and flip,” with every business we acquire, our goal is to buy, build and keep on building, alongside the 人 who made the business possible. We understand that companies don’t create value; 人 do. And when we bring forth the best from a company’s 人, together we create long-term value that makes all stakeholders proud. Through the integration of Barry-Wehmiller’s unique blend of strategy and culture, we preserve the legacy of many family businesses that might not have survived, helping them to thrive once again, as well as take the reins of successful businesses to make sure their legacies endure for future generations.

Beyond industrial manufacturing

In 2009, BW Forsyth Partners was established as an investment arm of Barry-Wehmiller, to expand our focus from industrial manufacturing to new industries. BW Forsyth Partners’ current portfolios include these industries: printing equipment, insurance services, infrastructure equipment and services, and medical device equipment.

BW Forsyth Partners aims to build outstanding portfolios of companies with rich legacies through a more humanistic and holistic approach that realizes value equal to or greater than traditional private equity.

The right fit

When Barry-Wehmiller or BW Forsyth Partners considers an acquisition, our diligence effort is focused around finding the best fit - including culture and strategy - to ensure mutual alignment. We operate in the most transparent manner and only purchase companies when we are confident that we can care for the 人 and own the business forever.

What Barry-Wehmiller brings to the table in an acquisition:

  • Long-term growth mindset; our track record of successful sustainable value creation provides us the patience and experience needed to develop companies’ hidden potential
  • People-centric focus that is demonstrated in the way we pursue growth and weather economic cycles and business headwinds. This thoughtful, 有爱心的, approach creates a deep sense of trust, loyalty and fulfillment for our team members.
  • Commitment to remaining private, which enables our leadership team and Board of Directors to make decisions in the best long-term interests of the business and operate the company with 人 and performance in harmony
  • Cross-border M&A experience on a global scale and with acquiring all types of companies from all types of sellers

What we look for in possible acquisitions:

  • Business owners who align with our culture, who have a deep sense of commitment to the wellbeing and future of their employees
  • Owners/sellers who have a desire to remain with the business and help execute a shared vision for growth
  • Companies that complement our existing businesses with technology that fills product line gaps, diversifies our sub-segment end-market exposure, and/ or new end markets
  • Dynamic businesses that are an operational fit; ones that have continued to invest in technology, 人, and growth; standardized technology and product lines; that have synergy potential and sufficient scale for new facility additions


Casey Sears

Casey Sears

Director of Corporate Development